About Me

Name: Manish Ahuja

Age: 20 Something

I'm from: Mumbai, India

About Me: A Management graduate, I've worked for two years in a risk consulting firm after my college. Right now I'm doing my Masters in Financial Management from K. J. Somiaya Institute of Management Studies & Research (click here to know more about the institute), which is more popularly known as SIMSR. In my leisure time I like watching movies(all genres), reading (Fiction: Popular & Indian, also like reading business management books), spending time online, travelling amongst other things. I'm a big foodie. Besides completing my masters I'm also a part of my family business. In times to come I wish to venture into entrepreneurship. But, more about that, when the time is right.

About my blog(s): I first tried my hand at blogging in November 2008. The name of my first blog is 'Surreal Nirvana'. But with time as many bloggers must have experienced, fatigue set in and I stopped blogging. The next stage was being introduced to Posterous. Again a bout of excitement kicked in and I started blogging on Posterous. Posterous has many advantages, but I realized I preferred the look & feel of Blogger over Posterous so I ended up creating this blog and I don't intend to switch anymore. In this blog I plan to write about my views & thoughts over issues which I associate with, share interesting articles, videos and posts which I find on other websites/ blogs; share wallpapers which I find all across the web et al. Your comments, thoughts about things that you read/ find here are always welcome and would be appreciated.

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