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History doesn't appeal to many. Similar is the case with politics. Both subjects are areas which would make many cringe. A very small percentage of the populous take interest to know about incidents from the past or keep a track of how things are moving in the political circle. In a situation like this, imagine an Indian author who comes up with an idea to write a book that tackles both the subjects which would rather deter a reader to pick up the book from the shelf. If that was not enough, the author doesn't try to find a safe path by looking for a plot that might invigorate some interest into skeptical readers.

Who wants to know how life was lived 2300 years ago when India was Bharat, when our country was not divided by states, but kingdoms, when the most fearful situation wasn't a terrorist attack but invasion of kingdom by Alexander? Cut to times like today. Why would you like to read about a political party based in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh? 

There is no rule that this book hasn't broken. There is no safe path that was taken with this book. There is no doubt in my mind that many people might not pick up this book after reading the summary on back cover in book stores or in websites which have now become the most popular medium to buy books, and rightfully so.

Even before I divulge in the reasons why you should read this book, I’d like to go on the record and say, “If you read one book every year, make sure your choice of this year is Chanakya’s Chant.” And the three reasons why I’m so confident to recommend this book so strongly are: 
  1. Chanakya
  2. Gangasagar Mishra, and most importantly
  3. Ashwin Sanghi 
Ashwin Sanghi’s second book after ‘The Rozabal Line’ is ‘Chanakya’s Chant’. A book, rights of which have been acquired by UTV Software Communications Ltd., to be made into a movie. This book clearly proves that irrespective of the time, milieu, or subject of the book, what precedes is the way the book has been written and the characters. 

The author spins a seamless web across two plots based in different centuries and does that in such an effortless manner through Chanakya & Gangasagar Mishra. Chanakya, one of the most controversial, underrated and relatively unglamoruos kingmaker of all times. And, Gangasagar, a commoner, a face amongst the crowd with dreams and knowledge just deep as the abyss of Chanakya’s desire. What’s different between their plan of action. Chankya, the outspoken, looks at the big picture and executes every task with the sole purpose of achieving the end result. Gangasagar, the rather soft spoken character who’s outburst is observed in just one-two situations throughout the book, takes one step at a time knowing well that his action fits perfectly like a jigsaw and makes the picture complete. Chankaya’s knowledge makes him arrogant and politically incorrect, and Gangasagar’s learning makes him composed and diplomatic. In more ways than one, Gangasagar is Chanakya v2.0 to me. Chanakya gave birth to the idea of the book, but conception of Gangasagar is what reflects the genius of the author.

It might take some reviews and many readers to make an author famous, but it generally takes only one book to make an author a readers favorite. And that’s what ‘Chanakya’s Chant' has done to me. Can’t wait to now read ‘The Rozabal Line’ and know what did you think about the book and my take on it.

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