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This is the first post in the serious of an idea that I call 'Random Thoughts'. The idea of posts in this category is to share my thoughts with the readers about anything under the sun. The length, number of times when posts in this category would appear on the blog is all relative. I'd request YOU, the reader to please share your views and comments on the thoughts which I share because the main purpose of this blog is to ideally connect with the readers and get to know their point of view vis-a-vis mine. The idea of this post is about my views on BlackBerry (BB).

My first memory of BB is when I was in college and when I read an article in the newspaper which spoke of this highly advanced gadget which could allow the user to stay connected beyond phone calls and text messages because a BB would allow the user to receive & send emails on real time basis just like chat on IM windows or a text message. My memory is hazy but I think BB Messenger was introduced only a few months after the BB mail service. I remember how was fascinated I was when I read that article. Emails were uncommon then (about 5/6 years ago. As a matter of fact, in the big picture most people still don't use and check their emails on regular basis) and we've come a long way since that day. 

BB then, was primarily a device designed for suits (corporates & professionals), but today in Mumbai and actually in most parts of the world, BBs today can be found in hands of a teenager going to college. The most productive use of a BB in college is to make movie plans, connect with professors one day before the exam (click here to read more about this) on BB Messenger amongst other things.

I've been planning to get another cellphone for myself which I'd be using mainly for my data usage and it would act as an additional number which would be shared only with a selective group of people (not more than 5/6 people I guess). I'm not sure if this new phone is going to be a BB. But, even if it is a BB, I'm sure I'm going to use it more for myself and less for the world. I mean, I have broadband connection at home, office, I'm accessible on Twitter, I chat occasionally on my messengers, I check my emails multiple times a day etc. In short, everybody has more than enough ways to connect to me and I'm sure they don't need one more. I'd hate it if I'm out for dinner with my parents, or my close friends and my BB starts beeping where a friend wants to ask me if I have a DVD of some movie or have I read that bestseller. But then, that's just how I'm looking at things.

What do you think about this? Do you have a BB? If yes, has it made your life any easier? If no, do you think you need one? Also, what do you think of my random thoughts on BlackBerry? Looking forward to hear from you.

Manish :)

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