101 Ideas for your new blog

Till date it's not difficult to come across people who think and have a notion that blogging is really difficult or even worse, that it's a thing that nerds and geeks do. That's indeed a clear misconception because blogging has always been a medium to express your thoughts, feelings, opinions etc. on topics which you connect with/ relate to. Having said that, there are no doubts, that there was a time when creating a blog meant knowing a lot of HTML, SEO rules, basic coding and a lot of other things. But that's a story of the past. Today a blog is just as good as the time invested in it by the blogger and the interest taken. Frankly, I think every person should at least try their hand at blogging at least once to understand the real deal. Let's hope these series of posts help you to make your decision.

In more ways than one, owning a blog is an excellent way to utilize your leisure time, it's a liberating feeling which gives you a sense of achievement. The idea of this post (and a few more to follow in the series of how to make your own blog and maintain it) is to help you clear your inhibitions and realize how easy the process of creating your blog is. In this post I plan to mention, not 1; 10; 25; 50 but 101 areas of interest which you can use in parts, as a whole, mix a few topics of your interest together or think of a topic not mentioned in the list below for your blog; because truly, with blogging sky is not the limit, it's just the starting line.

101 Topics/ Areas which your blog could focus on amongst many others. Please feel free to mention more topics which I definitely might have not included in the list below.

  1. Adventure Sports: From a paintball arena designed right in middle of a city space to white water rafting or a rash ride on a small go karting circuit or a complete no control handling of the ATV, the only full stop which one comes across in adventure sports is their level of courage to complete the task. If you're an adrenaline junkie, you must consider this a blogging option, because I've not come across many blogs that talk about these sports.
  2. Advertisements: We all hate watching them when we're watching TV but the moment we come across a funny advertisement on YouTube, get some interesting print ads on our mails, we have to share them right away. Take this seriously and every 30 second slot on your blog could set the cash registers running :)
  3. Affiliation Networks: Blogs could be an effective, relatively easy and lucrative way to monetize the time that you spend online. Just look for interesting affiliation networks and spread the seeds of your future income in your network through your blog. Without giving out many hints at the moment, do check this space for monetizing options for your blog coming up soon.
  4. Alcohol: With so much choice amongst vodka, rum, whiskey, liquor, beer and then brands in all the categories which have a specific taste; add to the list some amazing cocktails, this category has enough to leave the reader dazed without actually having a drop.
  5. Alternative Healing/ Therapy: Know how 'Unani', 'Reiki', 'Ayurveda' works and functions? Tell us too through your blog because we just know the words and have no clue what happens :s
  6. Animals/ Birds/ Pets: Whether your interest lies in saving the diminishing number of tigers, or going bird watching on your next hiking trip or if you just can't imagine your life without your pet(s); just start typing and connect with people from all corners of the world who share the exact same interests and connect with them through your thoughts, your ideas, your blog.
  7. Anonymous Blog: With this category your blog comes without any limits or boundaries. Set yourself free from all inhibitions and let yourself loose. Just type what you feel and feel what you type.
  8. Applications/ Apps: One word that changed it all - iPhone. Today we have applications (apps, as its better known now) for every phone irrespective of the make, maker, operating system. One blog that unites all the apps together and makes it easy for the reader to choose. Now that's what I call awesome.
  9. Architecture: Haven't you had a moment when you were left awestruck when you saw a particular building, bridge, monument which was well defined? Imagine the effect on readers if find a blog which is all about inspiring places like those?
  10. Art: A melange of colors which tell a story of their own on a canvas, or a blob of clay which is brought to life through a sculptors hands. One needs a vision and an eye to understand and interpret these masterpieces. Blogging about it and also helping readers understand why can a simple looking painting which can also be drawn by a four year old kid can demand a price of millions would generate enough curiosity and interest for readers to keep returning to your blog.
  11. Art of Living: A new post to help the reader relax and feel good about life in spite of the hectic, crazy and a life style which could come really close to becoming inhumane at times, a blog which could help to unwind is nothing short of bliss.
  12. Astronomy: Give your star gazing a purpose and allow your eyes to see how things look on the ground. Blog about your star gazing, and then find many more people who'd agree to watch the stars with you in person, or at least through your blog ;)
  13. Blogs: With so many blogs being added on daily basis, there's always room for a blogs which is dedicated to creating a directory of existing and new blogs, or blogs which belong to a particular category, region et al. After all, networking with other bloggers is extremely important too.
  14. Business: If you live and die by this word, why not blog about it too? After all, everyone has their own way of minding their own business ;)
  15. Bonsai: Do you know about this Japanese art of planting and growing miniature trees? It's really fascinating, soothing and humbling experience. If you find it interesting enough to try, don't forget to share your experiences at every step of the way.
  16. Books: A topic of interest which will never go out of style. So many genres, authors to choose from.
  17. Brands/ Companies: With every commodity and necessity being tagged with a brand in today's world, how do you make your peace with all the brands around you? Do you think it's a good thing/ bad thing? Is one brand/ company selling a similar product different from the other? What do you have to say about this?
  18. Career: Just one word that has always been driving generations of students and in many cases even people who've completed their education. If you have a good network of people who're working in different industries, a blog wherein their experiences, thoughts about their jobs, industry etc are shared could help the readers at large to make their decisions.
  19. Cars/ Bikes: There are fans and there are fanatics. I've not really met a car/ bike fan. Only come across fanatics ;)
  20. Cartoons: We all saw them as kids. We loved them so much that in the recent past we've expanded this industry and given it a new name (animation). If our interest in cartoons hasn't declined in all these years, how would interest in a blog that's all about cartoons decline?
  21. Comics: A perfect amalgamation of art, books, movies, television, philosophy, number of fans which just keeps increasing with release of every new movie. This is not as easy as it sounds and because it's difficult to achieve, if handled properly, success is inevitable.
  22. Computer Programming: With so many options, softwares, scripts, languages, which is the most suitable to meet a particular readers needs? How can a reader decide who has limited knowledge and experience in the field? That's where your blog can come in and prove to be the exact solution which is a perfect fit to your readers problem(s)
  23. Culture(s): Every community, region of the world, has their own dressing style, cuisine, way of living, forms of entertainment et al. Blog about culture which you belong to and spread the knowledge about information available.
  24. Current Affairs: A concise, unbiased, to the point blog maintained regularly by someone who is from the field of journalism/ media could really attain a lot of fan following in a really short time in the blogosphere. In fact, I'm looking for a blog which could help me stay updated. Do let me know if you know any; if not... are you game to start one?
  25. Dance: If you've mastered a form of expression which is a task for most people since they're born with two left feet; time to add some more attitude to your art through a blog dedicated to your talent.
  26. Deals: There are websites all across the web space dedicated to the cause, local exhibitions keep giving out the best deals, super markets and malls declaring the lowest prices possible sale; with so much happening all the time, finding and blogging about the best deals could result in repeat visits from your loyal visitors.
  27. Do It Yourself (DIY)/ Tips & Tricks: How to change a flat tire? How to paint a wall like a pro? How to assemble a pram? If this is your forte, you can be the proud owner of the blog that has all the answers. Now, how cool is that! ;)
  28. Economics/ Government Policies: Every business, major decision taken by the state, the central banks, the foreign ministry comes in effect because of someone somewhere knew the economic implications of the decision being taken. Hopefully ;) On a serious note, I totally believe that crystal clear fundamentals in Economics would always help progress and successful end of every task, plan, scheme... get the idea.
  29. Education: Career Options, upcoming courses, scope of possible career which a particular student is interested in, which tests to take? How to select a college? If you have the niche to demystify these enigma like situations, a blog needs you a lot more than you needing one ;)
  30. Electronics: What's the difference between a plasma/ LCD/ LED/ 3D Television? What is the best between X-Box/PlayStation/Wii? Should I buy the latest Nokia/Blackberry? If you're used to answering these questions for your family members, friends, neighbours, their uncle, why don't you just post your views on a blog and tell them to read and decide?
  31. Environment/ Recycling: Need of the hour, we've lost a lot of time already, but there is still some hope. Don't delay this cause any more. Start blogging now, there is a lot of work left to be done.
  32. Equity/ Commodity Markets: Shares, bonus/ rights issue, put/call options, bullion, oil, metals, IPOs, technical/ fundamental analysis are all jargons which could mean a lot of money if well explained in simple, lucid language to absolute novice readers who wouldn't mind taking risks for investments. If you know how to make sense of all these terms, and how they work, get to work and start typing now I say.
  33. Fashion: With something as vulnerable as the industry which changes itself with every season, a well maintained blog according to readers choice will definitely result to success.
  34. Festivals: With the world becoming a global village with people from different countries living in the same environ, occasions and reasons to celebrate just keep increasing. Festivals excite everybody and knowing about them just adds to the celebration. Start blogging about festivals and become a reason for every readers' joy in their next festival celebration.
  35. Fitness/ Exercise/ Body Building: There is so much said, written and read about this topic but there is still so much more that needs to be done. There's no end to this topic which means once readers gets hooked, they will come back.
  36. Food: Cakes, Chicken, Salads, Soups, Sandwiches, Recipes.... This topic doesn't come with any boundaries.
  37. Gaming: GTA, Warcraft, Consoles, PC, hand held gaming devices; with so many options and so few blogs, we definitely need a lot more inputs from gamers to reach the equilibrium.
  38. Gardening: Some find it relaxing, some indulge in it as a hobby, but for some; it truly is an integral part of their life. So if you can't live without it, why not blog about it too?
  39. Grammar: One can find ways to suit their needs to master a particular language, but grammar is a well knit web of rules & exceptions which needs to be transcended from one to another. If you're confident about your to's and too's get started because there's a lot of ground to cover in this category.
  40. Health: Healthy food, health tips, healthy living, good for health habits, recipes for healthy eating, healthy living, everything healthy.
  41. History: So what happened in Troy, or during the world wars, or the cold war, or the renaissance period fascinates you? Guess what, it fascinates millions others too. Type your way to the era, decade, event, war of your choice ;)
  42. Home Remedies: Who could've thought that a mixture of jaggery and turmeric powder could work wonders for a bad throat or maybe even gargling with hot water which has a teaspoon of salt mixed would be equally magical for the sore throat? There are millions (I'm not kidding) of such home remedies which are available, we just don't know about them. Be a responsible citizen; figure them out and blog about them.
  43. Infographics: If you're a digital designer, I suggest you do take this really seriously because Infogrpahics are the latest online trends. All what you need to do is gather information about a particular topic and present it in form of a poster/ picture designed in an attractive manner and sooner than you know, images designed by you would be floating all across the internet.
  44. Interesting Facts & Figures: What's the proportion of Africa's population to Australia? How would the Chinese per capita income ratio get affected if the size of the country was that of Pakistan? If you can collect such interesting facts and figures, you must start a blog to realize how soon it can end up being a viral trend. Even better, if you can mix it with an infographic
  45. Interior Designing: Who doesn't dream of a well designed home, holiday home, office, study, bedroom et al. As far as every person finds a place which they can call their own which is designed exactly to their specification, until that day; this topic of interest if blogged will find readers and followers.
  46. Internet/ Websites: Do you stay online all the time? If the answer to that question is yes, chances are that you come across many new websites often. Just imagine, making a note of these websites and blogging about them could help save your readers so much time and effort. If you think the idea is interesting enough, blog about it and see your readers returning with every new post.
  47. Investment Avenues/ Options: Equity, Debt, Mutual Funds, Bullion, Commodities, Insurance, Fixed Deposits, Government bonds, Real Estate, Investing in a new business. Choices really can make life really difficult. Help your readers simplify.
  48. Jewellery: Rings, necklace, bangles, earrings in gold, platinum, silver, diamonds and other precious stones. New designs, old designs, classic designs... the list is never ending and so are the reasons for your readers to keep returning to your blog.
  49. Jokes: In this hectic life where people have to schedule time to breathe at length, who wouldn't want to check a blog where the soul purpose is to bring a smile to the readers face. I'm serious, there's nothing funny about this idea :P
  50. Language(s): With the size of the globe shrinking due to globalization, foreign movies releasing in every country, people travelling a lot more than they used to, language generally becomes an area where people could always use help. And with internet reaching you right on your cellphone, a handy blog could always turn out to be a savior and would also attract a lot of recommendations.
  51. LGBT: A section amongst our community which has ignored and neglected for the longest time in the history and sadly to some extent is still not accepted in a whole hearted manner, at least not in all parts of the world. Well, forget the ones who scorn or belittle you. One of the best part about internet is that it doesn't distinguish between people. Speak out, reach out to everybody and share your thoughts, ideas and views.
  52. Love/ Romance: A feeling which is shared and experienced by all, but which is expressed by everybody in their own special way. What's your special way to express LOVE? Tell us, or rather, blog about it and we'll know ;)
  53. Magic: Everybody knows it's an illusion being performed in front of their eyes and the person doing the same is just gracefully cheating the audience, but magic always entertains, shocks and keeps the audience engrossed. If you have a few tricks up your sleeve which you wouldn't mind sharing, do blog about it and see the impact and effect of the same on your audience's face... I mean readers ;)
  54. Management: With so many people doing their MBA; companies facing difficult situations every quarter; books being written by famous gurus; magazines being printed which look at different aspects of business; case studies being floated on the web, this would be one topic where you'd never face a situation of dearth of topics to post.
  55. Maths: A topic which gets the maximum mixed reviews from all corners of the world. Some people hate the subject and can't stand it while others are most comfortable and play with numbers as if they're toys. If you are one of the players let's see if you can bridge the gap or maybe even convert a few from one side to another. With the power of your knowledge and a blog, there's nothing stopping you except.. yourself. Wish you all the luck.
  56. Movies: One might come across people who don't read, don't watch sports, don't listen to a lot of music, but I'm yet to find someone who doesn't like watching movies. Even the least interested people watch at least a couple of movies in a year.
  57. Music: With new artists, albums, genres, music videos coming up on regular basis, music has always been, still is, and shall always remain an area which would welcome more blogs.
  58. Musical Instrument: If you know to play a musical instrument, do blog about the same and inspire others to join the bandwagon too. Its exciting for me as a reader to know how would someone decide which musical instrument to choose to learn? What difficulties did they face while they were learning? and, what effect has learning an instrument had to their lives? Seems like a fascinating blog to me :)
  59. Nature: A canvas so huge, only you can decide which aspect of the subject you decide to blog about.
  60. New Product Launches: With so many companies trying to get a part of your consumable income, new product launches are common. In such a scenario, a blog which informs the consumer about the new product/ service would be a welcome change.
  61. Nice Gifting Ideas: Very few people are natural at picking up the exact gift which would bring a splendid smile on the receivers face. If you're one of them, you definitely need to start this blog where you could suggest what a daughter could gift her father, or what could a brother gift his younger sister. A blog of this theme would be an instant hit with all the visitors.
  62. 'No, It's NOT Okay': Probably the only negative idea in the entire lot but still an extremely powerful one. We all come across multiple things in our lives which we know are not happening in the expected manner, but due to lack of time, will, understanding etc. we tend to overlook the same and not do much about it. However, if you do want to contribute and make yourself heard, why not use blogs as the medium for the same. Write about things that you know are wrong and are still happening around you. Adding your bit to solve the problem would make the blog just more effective. Raising awareness is important before some concrete action gets taken.
  63. Non Profit Organisations: Blogging about work being done by not for profit organisations in your locality, community, society, city needs appreciation and must be spoken about. Add your bit to their cause by spreading the word and telling others about it.
  64. Parenting: Everybody goes through this, and everybody agrees that this period of their life can be a nightmare without enough information, so be good to people at large and share pearls of wisdom based on your experience which would help other parents in raising their children.
  65. Personal Blog(s): I totally believe in the idea that every person has a story to share. What's your story? Blog is a really effective way to vent, rant, share your joys or just reflect your ideas and come to terms with life. An option of an anonymous blog (if need be) is a definite add on.
  66. Personality(ies): How often do you come across an anecdote about a famous personality which is inspiring, motivating and helps you to improve your perspective towards how you look and things and your approach towards life? And imagine the response which a blog would get which shares such aspects of celebrities which people look up to all the time.
  67. Philosophy: I don't understand much about the subject; so I won't comment but yes this indeed could be a topic for a blog. Think about it and when you think you've thought enough, blog about it too ;)
  68. Photos/ Photography: If you have a knack to create magic with your camera, a blog is one of the best ways to provide all the exposure that your work needs. What are you waiting for? Start clicking and uploading.
  69. Playing Cards: One deck, 52 cards, various games, magic tricks endless possibilities.
  70. Poems/ Shayari: If there's a poet hidden somewhere who's waiting to be introduced to public at large, a blog could be an excellent way to nurture and refine your talent through the feedback received from your readers. (Shayari is Indian form of poetry generally written in Hindi or Urdu language)
  71. Politics: A bitter pill which one needs to swallow even if they don't want to. Politics is a reality of our lives and with countries changing policies, signing trade agreements, elections taking place and the governments changing, a blog that explains how things work and what happens on the other side of news on television would be a rather welcome change. Now the only thing to be seen is who will bell the cat? Who understands this topic in its entirety? ;)
  72. Posts submitted by others: So you don't really write well or maybe aren't motivated enough as yet; however you're still excited about creating a blog? Find a group of people who can articulate their thoughts, and submit their posts to you on various topics. Your work would be to collect the posts from them, edit the same (if need be) and post it on your blog by giving the writer the due credit. If you can manage to find a couple of writers who agree to write for you, your blog is ready.
  73. Pregnancy: (For my lady readers only :) ) Nine months of raising someone within you which ends with a new start, a new life. Besides the many hours of pain and sleepless nights, these nine months are also extremely personal and the memories stay with you for a lifetime. Record these memories and share them with the world or keep them to yourself. Just blog about it and gift yourself with something really special for the rest of your life.
  74. Puzzles: Sudoku, Crosswords, find a word, spot the differences.... starting and maintaining this blog is definitely going to be addictive and is not going to be a child's play  ;)
  75. Quotes: Internet is a ocean full of quotes said by actors, writers, politicians, leaders and other famous personalities. Filtering quotes which you come across and posting them in your blog could result in creation of a fairly large and loyal reader base.
  76. Recycling: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Three words which were taught to everybody for decades is finally starting to be understood by people at large. But we really need to ingrain this in people's way of living and accordingly there's still a lot of scope to spread the message in this area.
  77. Relationship(s): Need I say more? ;)
  78. Real Estate: Again an industry which is filled with terms like FSI, Built Up Area, Super Built Up Area, Loading, Possession etc. If you're a pro at decoding the mystery of readers/ investors with the clues stated; please help to derive a solution through your blog.
  79. Religion: In spite of all religions saying the same thing and spreading a similar message, people do get a lot to choose from. Blog about religion, how do you look at it and how it affects your life?
  80. Restaurants/ Places to eat: Food, and eating out is officially on the to-do list and hobby list for people. And a blog which shall inform its readers about good places to go out & eat for their next date, family night out or just to catch up with friends will be appreciated with many finger licking recommendations :)
  81. Science: Right from answers to the simplest conundrums to the most complex rocket science derivations, if you have answers, blog about them and help your readers transform from simpletons that they are to intellectual gurus; one post at a time ;) 
  82. Sex: Something that has been selling for all these years and shall continue to sell for many more years to come. All you need is to make a blog and know what to type in there and your readers will find you ;)
  83. Short Stories: If you're a natural at weaving stories and hope to become an author someday, how about creating a blog which would allow you to create a following of your work even before you publish your first work? Share your short stories, treat this as your training ground, understand the pulse of your readers and take small but firm steps towards your goal.
  84. Social Issues/ Causes: Along the path of improvement and progress, one does falter and could end up making mistakes. Such mistakes if not corrected over a period of time end up becoming a bigger issue which must be dealt with a lot of thought and compassion. Which cause do you support and how do you want to make a difference?
  85. Sports: With so many sports (F1, Soccer, Cricket, Tennis, Golf); so many leagues and championships (IPL, EPL, FIFA, Australian Open); teams (Manchester United, Mumbai Indians, country specific teams); players; stadiums & venues, there could be 101 categories within this category in itself.
  86. Stamps: A hobby which is adapted by most but nurtured only by a selective few. How to identify rare stamps? How to find them? How to determine value of the current collection? If you can help provide answers to these questions and many others which are similar in nature, blogosphere has been looking for you and this post is your hint to start and make a difference ;)
  87. Tattoo & Body Art: Imagine the number of websites, magazines, books, and other options a person goes through to select that one tattoo of their choice before getting it made. If you can collate and create a blog full of tattoo designs. I can sense many loyal, returning readers and many recommendation emails being exchanged all across the internet.
  88. Technology: The only thing constant with this area of interest is change. If you have it in you to keep your readers updated with what's happening in the field of technology, what are you waiting for? Start your blog now.
  89. Theatre: Every major city has a bunch of theatres wherein groups perform plays and I hardly need to mention how exciting and entertaining the overall experience of watching a play is. So if you enjoy watching these performances regularly; come on, don't be mean and just entertain yourself. Be good to people and suggest them the plays which you've seen and enjoyed.
  90. T Shirts: Internet has innumerable websites which sell the funny, crazy t-shirts which are designed in the most innovative manner. If you can just filter the best designs and embed them on your blog, I think we have a winner :D
  91. Travel: If you're a backpacker, or a person who has this urge to travel on a regular basis, a blog will just help you to find many more people like you from all parts of the globe, it'll also help you interact with people from countries/ places where you've visited/ would like to visit on your next trip. But, most importantly, a well maintained travel post will always ensure that your trips remain etched in your memories for a really long time.
  92. TV Series: Do people around you keep complaining that you're just a couch potato or that you watch too much TV? Gear up, and get typing so that the naysayers don't have a reason to speak anymore. And the reason to post something new changes every 30 minutes or in an hour, depending on the TV Series which you plan to blog about. Now how's that for some exercise? ;)
  93. Vaastu Shastra/ Feng Shui: The ancient Indo-Chinese (Vaastu Shastra-Feng Shui) scientific techniques to design the layout of your homes, offices to ensure good health, fortune and prosperity with peace of mind within members sharing the space. Really helpful for anybody and everybody and as noticed, if someone finds a blog that's really useful they tend to share it with their contacts and refer the blog to everybody who needs the information.
  94. Wallpapers: Every machine has one and due to our human nature, we do tend to get bored of our wallpapers often and change them once in a while. A website with a commendable collection of wallpapers would be definitely appreciated by its visitors.
  95. Watches: Gone are the days when this used to be just a device which would tell you time. Today, you find a watch which is available for $1 to $1 followed by as many zeros as you can think of. If you don't believe me, look for yourself, and when you've found enough information about the same, just blog about it and inform everybody. Do this fast, as you know, 'Time & tide wait for no man'.
  96. What's new in your city?: A new play? A new multiplex across the town? A newly renovated luxury section being launched in the mall? A swanky new club starting next week. With so much happening, if there could be only one blog which told you all that there was worth knowing, who wouldn't favorite it right away?
  97. Wine: Again one of the topics which I don't really know about so I won't comment much on this one. Just imagine you've already found a reader, what are you waiting for? Start typing ;)
  98. Yacht/ Boats/ Sails: Some buy these because they can afford it, some get them because they're passionate about it. In any case, they're definitely an asset which would result to raise eye brows. Do you own one already? Plan to get one any time soon/ distant future/ not so distant future. Let your blog reveal your plans and what's available in the maket and most importantly, for how much? ;)
  99. Yoga: Exercise of the mind, body and soul. Things take a complete circle when an Indian suggests the world to start a blog about Yoga ;)
  100. Zodiac Signs: Traits, characteristics, compatibilities... almost everything about you can be defined depending on which day of the year you're born depending on your corresponding zodiac sign. Some call it totemism, others believe in it as if its the law of the land. If you're from the latter, blog about your thoughts on the topic and convert a few. In any case, expect readers from both sides to read your blog ;)
  101. Whatever "YOU" like: It's your blog. And YOU rule the space. Who am I to tell you what should you blog about. Choose any one of the areas mentioned above, choose them all, choose none and just type about whatever you feel. But the most important thing to do is to start a blog. Because, unless you start one, you'll never know how addictive, fun and exciting it is to see your idea come to life. 
Wish you all the luck for your new blog. Hope to see many invites to blogs which came up as a result of reading this post. Looking forward to your thoughts and feedback on this post in form of comments. If you found this post helpful, please do recommend it to your contacts. You'll find links to share the post on Twitter, Facebook, Google Buzz and also email this post below and most importantly, do return back soon to read more posts about making, maintaining your new blog(s) and promoting them.

Manish :)

Every 3000 sheets of paper cost us a tree. Please think before you print.

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