Blogger Tweaks: Interactive Comments using....

Comments are an excellent way to create loyal readers for your blog. Comments add the human touch to the digital space and feel of blogs. One of the biggest problems with comments is that internet is filled with people who'd leave spam comments on your blog. An easy way to tackle this problem is to make user verification mandatory before posting comments. However, this also proves to be a deterrent at times when the reader doesn't want to login separately to his/ her Google/ Livejournal account to post the comment. The solution to this problem can be found in this blogging tweak.

This instrument which acts like a saving grace for bloggers is called Disqus. Disqus allows your readers to post comments by linking their accounts on popular websites like Facebook, Twitter etc.This link ensures that the comments are posted only by legitimate readers and not spammers. Also, one more advantage of adding this feature to your blog is that, whenever a reader comments your post, their comment gets posted on their Facebook/ Twitter profile (depending on option chosen by the reader) which gives your blog publicity. I suggest you click here and add this marvelous feature to your blog right away.
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