Blogger Tweaks: Drop Down Menu for Labels/ Tags

Although Blogger keeps updating features and adding many new features constantly (click here to follow the official Blogger blog where all updates are announced) to make the job easier for all the fellow bloggers, there are times when one has to look for tweaks online to customize their blog. One of the best part about having your blog on blogger is that finding HTML codes to make those tweaks work is relatively easy. I've decided to dedicate a post every time I find a tweak and reveal the source from where I found the tweak. This post reveals the tweak to create a drop down menu for the tags of your blog.

As a blogger, I tend to add as many tags as possible. Tags allow your readers to easily bunch all the posts which interest them and which they'd like to see. Hence it is always a good idea to tag your posts well. But many tags on your blog, means a long list which could end up consuming a lot of screen space, hence its always a good idea to create a drop down menu for your tags which solves the problem and also makes your blog more organized.

Blogger, has a drop down menu option for post archives but doesn't have a similar option for tags/ labels as yet. Hence, if you're looking for the tweak which would allow you to create a drop down menu I'd suggest you click here right now to get redirected to a post which helped me do to just that.
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